The Advantages of Hiring a Java Development Company


Finding someone who can advise you on the right path has been invaluable. Finding an IT service provider - software development - that suits your digital transformation needs is even more valuable. Because it will be a lever to bring your business up and affirm your position in the market more firmly. 

In this post, we'll look at a classically prominent programming language called Java. So, how does Java relate to corporate rearrangement and digital transformation support? What advantages will we have if we collaborate with the proper Java development company? Let's find out together.

What Are The Most Common Projects In Which Java Is Used?

Developed by Sun Microsystems and created by James Gosling in 1995, Java is a high-level, flexible object-oriented language of programming.

In the software business, Java was appreciated by most developers since it makes the development process enjoyable, eases distribution issues, and concerns the agony of frequently transferring between platforms. So developers tend to use Java in typical back-end development projects - as the server-side language. Versatile and flexible, Java is now adopted for writing applications in categories like: 

  • Desktop graphical user interface (GUI) applications
  • Applications for Mobile Devices
  • Applications in the Enterprise and Scientific 
  • Web-based applications 
  • Embedded Systems 
  • Big Data Technologies are becoming more popular.
  • Applications that run on a distributed network
  • Applications that run on the cloud
  • Software Development Instruments (SDI)
  • Apps for Playing Games

Apps for Java Mobile Devices

Java is appropriate with Kotlin and Android Studio, two popular app development tools. And interestingly, Java is the programming language of choice for most mobile app developers. During the journey of conquering the IT industry, Java has become a mainstay in the development of some famous global mobile applications as follows:

Spotify: Home to Swedish, Spotify is the world's top favorite music player with an eye-catching interface and a broad platform for music. From a smartphone or laptop, Spotify members may access millions and millions of tracks and/or record labels from across the world.

Twitter: Twitter is a popular social networking and micro-blogging service application developed in the United States. Twitter users can use this platform to post short status lines and interact with many other users. Currently, Twitter has 330 million members and 145 million users, according to data from May 2020.

Apps for Java Web-basing

While C++ was originally intended to be replaced, Java's object-oriented features have made it a popular choice for web developers since its introduction. Java is also used in e-commerce web applications, which are developed with the assistance of open-source eCommerce platforms including:

Broadleaf: Broadleaf Commerce expands horizontally via the use of microservices, making it an excellent fit for cloud-based systems. Fully customizable, Multiple websites, currencies, channels, languages, and tenants may all be used in the same e-commerce system because of Broadleaf's flexibility.

Magnolia: Magnolia is a Java-based content management system (CMS) that is piled on top of the greatest open source stack available to Java developers. In addition to providing several options for content storage and administration, this Java eCommerce platform features APIs “quyền lực” với khả năng tái sử dụng content throughout multiple systems and inside an organization.

Apps for Java GUI Desktop

APIs like AWT, Swing and JavaFX are the building blocks of Java GUI desktop apps. The AWT (Abstract Windowing Toolkit) is a Java interface that is used to construct window-based applications in the Java programming language. In addition, other items such as buttons, menus, lists, etc. are made up of features of the user interface in a window, making them not entirely based on Java.

Acrobat Reader: PDF documents may be viewed, printed, signed, and remarked on with confidence using this free worldwide standard. In addition, users can also edit and save new text and graphics in PDF files. 

Thinkfree: You may open and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with ThinkFree Office in the same way as you would in Microsoft Office - or understand that it is a free alternative to Microsoft Office. With a comprehensive selection of desktop applications at their disposal, users can better express their creativity and thereby improve their effectiveness.

Certain Advantages

Before embarking on outsourcing the project of the building based on Java applications, let's go over certain benefits that we can get:

  • It's cheaper to outsource Java projects than to recruit a full-time Java workforce. And this means we will save quite a bit of budget for businesses.
  • No need to invest in infrastructure, expertise, or equipment.
  • Agility is enhanced much more than hiring an in-house staff. Significantly, procedures, physical labor, and a focus on a single platform characterize Java development. 
  • Excellence is maintained since all of the best Java programmers know how to utilize a wide range of up-to-date Java-related tools and solutions. And this will certainly be the reason for your development project to flourish and serve end-users better. 
  • Reducing the length of time and effort in recruiting for businesses a lot. Since rather than building a team from scratch,a software development outsourcing company may provide a ready-to-work workforce. 
  • Skilled Java developers will handle your project and concentrate on other responsibilities; so, you will save a lot of time and effort on the project and only focus on the main business of the company.
  • Save your energy, since you will only have to follow the overview of the project's progress. There will be no other difficult tasks for you to do.
  • Customer service and communication ensured with a Java development company are available all the time. In other words, you will always have an answer to your questions or editing/checking requests in no time because usually, the team from the Java development company you choose will always be there to serve you.

Wrapping Up

Today's IT world is used by factors such as a lack of skills, budgetary constraints, and quickly expanding technology. If you want to fulfill these needs, you'll need an excellent team to handle you. But what if there are no bright faces within your company or in your country/region/country for you to entrust the project with? Then simply look for an offshore software development company that specializes in providing Java software development services.

If you are aiming for Eastern Europe, then Ukraine and Romania are good options. But you want an even more competitive price in Asia-Pacific? Then Australia, Vietnam, or even Singapore are the right destinations for your Java software development needs.

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