Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) as well as local organizations from a wide variety of sectors, including Banking and Finance, Engineering, Real Estate, and Government-Linked Companies and Government Agencies, may turn to Innobay Group, a business-to-business (B2B) digital marketing agency that focuses on web/ mobile applications. 

Innobay Group contracted Saigon Technology to create a survey platform for their business and member communities.


What The Client Required

When Innobay Group entrusted us with this project, we put in extra effort and drew on the knowledge and experience of our team members to ensure that the work would be completed to the highest possible standards, as well as using the most cutting-edge methods and tools possible.

And in order for the client to benefit from Saigon Technology's software outsourcing services, these requirements must be satisfied:


Managing users by assigning them roles and rights;

Managing members and their past activities;

Allowing employees to track user trends and statistics by querying or studying reports; Content in multiple languages;

Content in multiple languages;

Excel - CSV export and import;

Apps created must contain a variety of features that provide members with the greatest user experience possible when they use the app to complete surveys, receive incentives, or redeem an item.


Our Technologies

In addition to dealing with client demands, the Saigon Technology team has additionally held regular internal meetings. To guarantee that all Saigon Technology’s products and services are up-to-date, our team has frequently evaluated and implemented the most cutting-edge technology in the software development industry into the project.

We used the fundamental processes outlined below in order to locate and pick the appropriate technology for this Survey project:


01 Defining project needs
02 Studying the market
03 Assessing technology alternatives
04 Considering the active development and community support
05 Assessing technology alternatives
06 Planning for future expansion

Specifically, the Saigon Technology team utilized the following technologies in this Survey project for Innobay Group:

  • MySQL;
  • Native mobile application development using Swift and Kotlin;
  • Crash tracking;
  • Analytics;
  • Social sign-on, sharing;
  • Location monitoring;
  • Local notification or push notification;
  • 2-way encryption, 1-way encryption, hashing.


Complex business model;

The customer-provided design lacked adherence to optimal mobile user interface standards;

The process was designed to facilitate interoperability across multiple platforms and disparate services;

The product manager signed off on the client side. We had to work directly with the Product Owner, who was not a technical person;

Inconsistencies between the testing and live environments resulted in unanticipated system issues.



Thoroughly discussed and clarified all requirements prior to commencing development or executing updates;

Adopted a user-centric approach to design and incorporate feedback from non-technical users;

Upon gaining a comprehensive comprehension of the user's requirements, the proficient designer shall proceed to construct a proposed wireframe;

Testers prioritized the creation of comprehensive test scenarios in order to mitigate the likelihood of potential issues arising;

Designed and implemented a modular system that can dynamically adjust and rapidly respond to user updates;

The user's data was encrypted to ensure maximum security;

Optimized the UX for users is contingent upon the platform being utilized;

Provided prompt user support in the event of an issue to mitigate any potential consequences.

Advantages Partnering With Saigon Technology

We are always proud to give corporate clients the best: Pacific-Asia's most competitive rates, enthusiastic Developers & Engineers team, 24/7 support and flexibility for each project. In addition, following are the main advantages of partnering with Saigon Technology team

Advantages Partnering 0

The utilization of a predefined rate plan has facilitated effective budgeting and advance planning for our clients, such as Innobay Group. The project's output witnessed a significant surge in direct proportion to this.

Advantages Partnering 1

By outsourcing software development, our clients may concentrate on their primary business functions, including marketing, sales, and other strategies. This solution has the potential to facilitate business expansion and enhance revenue generation.

Advantages Partnering 2

The intricacy level of our strategy enables us to offer clients a guaranteed positive ROI of 100%.

Advantages Partnering 3

The agile nature of the team facilitated rapid modifications, enabling the client to swiftly elevate their technical proficiency.

Advantages Partnering 4

By leveraging a dedicated team for your project, you can anticipate expedited turnaround times, accelerated product development, and faster deployment.

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