Mobile Team Manager is a robust solution that offers a complete set of tools to handle field and office operations in service-oriented industries. In early 2017, Saigon Technology was contracted by the Mobile Team Manager to develop a cloud-based software solution for their traffic management operations in Sydney, Australia. When the client side was unsure on how to proceed with product development, Saigon Technology appeared and provided a variety of viable options, beginning with a minimum viable product (MVP) to facilitate understanding.

Our project plan involved three phases. In the first phase, we focused on developing the minimum viable product (MVP) with only the essential features required for the product to function. The second phase involved adding important features to enhance the user experience and attract potential customers. Finally, in the third phase, we perfected the advanced features to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

Specifically, our team successfully facilitated the transformation of our client's business model into a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider. Currently, the Mobile Team Manager software platform has been utilized by numerous industries and businesses across the globe.


What The Client Required

After receiving this project from the client, our team went above and beyond, drawing on the collective expertise of its members to guarantee that it would be finished in a timely manner utilizing only the most innovative practices and technology.

In addition, the following requirements must be met for the client to gain from Saigon Technology's software outsourcing services:

Implementing a user management system with role-based access control and permission handling;

Implementing functionality to manage licenses, documents, and their expiration dates;

Web-based interactive document: Responsive form with dynamic fields;

Executing team management, job scheduling, shift allocation, resource allocation, and asset management;

Implementing a center management screen, as well as developing a program to manage and schedule shifts, assets, vehicles, and resources;

Putting in place functionality for generating custom reports and scheduling their generation;

Creating a live map feature to enable real-time tracking of vehicles and shifts on the map;

Implementing real-time chat functionality and real-time data updates;

Developing Android and IOS applications that cater to the needs of team leaders. Ensure that the applications are compatible with both tablets and phones and have an offline mode feature;

Management of employees;

Implementing asset management functionality;

Task Scheduler;


Developing a team leader application;

Application for team members;



Our Technologies

The Saigon Technology team has conducted routine internal meetings while managing client requirements. Our team has ensured that the products and services been always up-to-date by regularly evaluating and implementing the latest technology in the software development industry.

The Mobile Team Manager project involved the utilization of fundamental processes to identify and select the suitable technology:

01 Defining project needs
02 Studying the market
03 Assessing technology alternatives
04 Considering the active development and community support
05 Assessing technology alternatives
06 Planning for future expansion

The Mobile Team Manager project was undertaken by the Saigon Technology team using the following technologies:

  • SQL Server 2012;
  • React Native – Cross Platforms App Development;
  • SQLite;
  • ASP.NET API 2.2;
  • DOT NET 4.5.2;
  • Entity Framework 6.1.3;
  • Hangfire (Background Job);
  • SignalR;
  • Angular 5;
  • Jquery, Bootstrap 3;
  • Swagger;
  • Multiple tenancy concept;
  • Jenkins;
  • MongoDB.


The requirement was to develop a user interface for the client's support team enabling them to efficiently manage and monitor client subscriptions;

The software design must take into account users with limited IT skills;

Developed interactive scheduling screens featuring drag and drop functionality;

Implemented functionality to generate fillable PDFs on the web application that can be filled out on mobile applications;

Implemented real-time messaging functionality along with push and SMS notifications;

Executed database management system to handle employee, customer, supplier, vehicle, and asset data;

Implementation of electronic timesheets and dockets;

Executed offline functionality for mobile applications to support usage in low connectivity regions;

Accounting integrations with XERO, MYOB, and more;

GPS Fleet Tracking integrations with Fleet Connect, Verizon Connect and more.



Implemented multi-tenancy architecture across the database, server-side, and client-side code;

Adopted a user-centric approach to design and incorporate feedback from non-technical users;

Utilized SQLite and compress data into a zip archive for packaging;

Updated the third-party library to enable PDF processing functionality for both web and mobile platforms;

Implemented SignalR to facilitate real-time data handling;

Utilized Jenkins for automated building and deployment of software updates;

Developed automated test scripts using the Selenium framework;

Utilized external libraries to manage electronic signature;

Developed an in-house software library for the purpose of handling PDF and image files;

Handled web and PDF pixels.

Advantages Partnering With Saigon Technology

With the most affordable prices in Pacific-Asia, a team of passionate Developers & Engineers, round-the-clock assistance, and custom solutions for every project, we are happy to serve our corporate clients. The following are some additional benefits of working with the Saigon Technology team:

Advantages Partnering 0

Our clients are now able to more accurately predict costs and allocate resources thanks to our established pricing plan. The production of the project increased dramatically as a result of this.

Advantages Partnering 1

Due to the complexity of our approach, we can confidently promise our customers a positive ROI of 100%.

Advantages Partnering 2

The team's ability to make changes quickly allowed the customer to rapidly improve their technical competence.

Advantages Partnering 3

Timelines, product development, and deployment may all be sped up when you employ a specialized team for your project.

Advantages Partnering 4

Our clients can put more time and energy into growing their businesses by letting us handle their software development needs. This might be a game-changer for the company's growth and bottom line if implemented properly.

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