Mobile Team Manager

Mobile Team Manager

Mobile Team Manager is a cloud-based application that allows your business to coordinate the fast-paced pool of supervisors, operators, equipment, sites and paperwork that comes with field operations.
Mobile Team Manager handles scheduling in a snap, storing all the information needed for daily activities. With this app, the field staff can access anytime and anywhere; on-site and office employees can receive important messages from the others in just a few seconds. And that doesn't count the reporting, management and other functionality of the package.


What The Client Wanted

Develop an online Field Management.

Save the manual effort by building a remote solution for all works of field management service and smart scheduling.

Sell the complete Mobile Team Manager system as a service for other companies who have the same business.

What the client want

Final Results

Mobile Team Manager Approach


With good documents and scopes provided by the client, the first approach to the projects would be used in the project based model to start with 3 first phases.

After the phase 3 finished, Saigon Technology proposed using The Scrum / Agile method to focus on the maintenance and improvement because of the complexity and flexible requirements from the client. Keep in mind that only when the new milestones are reached, will the trade objectives be met. The previous projects needed components that were distributed to support maintenance projects. Therefore, prioritizing features in support projects is necessary to achieve the fastest path to provide the requested features to customers.

Building A Team
Long Term Developers
Saigon Technology provided a team of long term Developers for the Clients. Step over step, they learned the business logic and now they can join to propose the good idea and solve any business problems.
Saigon Technology also provided all of the necessary resources in order to bring the best service, such as: Project Manager, Technical Architect, Designer, Team Leader, Tester and team members to support the job.
Agile Scrum
Agile Scrum is applied to manage project management.
As proof, Saigon Technology has provided the success service to Mobile Team Manager since 2017 until now.
Infrastructure Set-Up
Project Management Software
Jira software was the first choice to support the maintenance and improvement approach, planning, feature prioritisation, breaking down stories and continuous release.
Skype and Zoom were the 2 main communication channels.
Multi-tenancy, system as a service and scalable concepts were the core of project structure and feature development. Low latency was also required as a completion criteria.
.NET framework and Angular were the primary coding languages used in the development.
SQL server and MongoDB were also used in the core of the system.
Flexible System
As a flexible system, all features must be configabe by users. Beside that, the team must integrate with other external services such as: MYOB, ConnectTrak, AWS S3, Amazon Cloud Service.
Mobile Team Manager Rocket
Mobile Team Manager Report


Internal daily standup, daily report and weekly meetings with the client were required.

All blocking issues, discussion and solutions will be reported to the client to review the timeline, priority and approval.


More systematic testing ensured the system ran smoothly, low latency with heavy data load such as: similar trend test, load test, latency test, playback test

Agile troubleshooting response and quick enhancement from offshore software development services enabled the client to rapidly enhance its technical competence.

Next Project

We started from an idea, grew into a purpose, became a goal, and then a reality.

During that journey, we have helped many enterprises and startups follow a similar path, and met a lot of great people in the process.

We know that timelines and budgets are important and not an optional guideline to follow, so we treat them with the utmost respect.

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