This revolutionary program combined the capabilities of computer vision and mixed reality to present users with a unified and immersive augmented reality experience. Scan Environment, Measure Straight Line, Measure Area, Measure Room, Detect Text, Read Text, and Detect Objects were just some of the ways the Hololens software brought the real world to life and gave users unparalleled control over how they interact with their environments.


What The Client Required

The client requested a scanning function inside the app. This implied the need for spatial intelligence and the capacity to collect and analyze data in natural settings. Moreover, the client's request for the app to include measuring tools like "Measure Straight Line," "Measure Area," and "Measure Room" demonstrated the importance placed on the app's precision and dependability. The client might work in fields such as building design, interior decoration, or architecture.

Scan Environment

Measure Straight Line

Measure Area

Measure Room

Detect Text

Read Text

Detect Objects


Our Technologies

The project's most vital features, anticipated performance, scalability, integration requirements, and suitable technologies were first identified after compiling a detailed list of functional and non-functional criteria.

01 Defining project needs
02 Studying the market
03 Assessing technology alternatives
04 Considering the active development and community support
05 Assessing technology alternatives
06 Planning for future expansion

This project was developed by the Saigon Technology team using the following technologies:

  • Unity engine
  • UWP 10 
  • Mixed Reality Toolkit (GitHub)
  • Vision Azure APIs


Implementing complicated algorithms and guaranteeing accuracy and dependability in the app's features might be challenging for the team.

Interactions across individuals required to be synchronized in real time is a significant challenge. We must provide reliable procedures for data synchronization to guarantee that any modifications made by one user in a shared session are immediately visible to all other users.

The criteria were quite specific. However, we were not given any visual design guidelines or UI/UX prototypes to work from. This was a difficulty since we had to come up with an attractive and user-friendly UI from the start with no design guidelines to follow.

There was no actual device for testing.



Our team prepared and investigated thoroughly to learn about the technical specifications and obstacles they would face.

Our team focused on optimizing the app's performance to ensure smooth execution on the Hololens device. The developers & engineers could employ techniques like code optimization, caching, and resource management to overcome hardware limitations.

We took the initiative and followed certain guidelines for the layout of the system. We used our in-house skills in coding to create an intuitive interface and construct the app from the ground up.

We utilized a simulator for testing purposes and instructed the client to install the application on a real device for further evaluation.


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To optimize the distribution of work reports, the Saigon Technology team and the Client side held kick-off meetings, requirement collection meetings, daily standup meetings, sprint planning meetings, and project closing meetings since the beginning of the project.

The sprint planning meetings were the most important reports that determined the Hololens project's performance. In Agile development, these sessions were conducted at the start of each sprint. The development team, Scrum Master, and product owner collaborated to arrange and prioritize tasks for the upcoming sprint. The team reviewed the backlog, estimated work, and determined what could be accomplished in the sprint.


Building A Team

There are many critical steps in building a client-specific software outsourcing development team. There is our standard procedure:

Building A Team
  • Performing a comprehensive requirements analysis: It was critical to understand the client's business goals, project scope, chosen technology stack, timeframes, and budget.
  • Structure of the team: Multiple stakeholders, such as software engineers, QA analysts, UX designers, project managers, and others, might get involved.
  • Implementing strategies to optimize team collaboration: Saigon Technology utilized various tools such as project management software, web-based forums, and teleconferencing applications.
  • Agile development methodology: The need for adaptability, teamwork, and incremental improvement was underlined. This entailed segmenting the whole endeavor into more manageable parts.
  • Project management: The Saigon Technology project manager was in charge of planning, coordinating, and monitoring the work being done.
Building A Team

Advantages Partnering With Saigon Technology

When it comes to developing offshore software development, Saigon Technology is proud to provide customized solutions to our corporate clients. We offer the most affordable rates in the Asia-Pacific region and a team of developers and engineers ready to assist you whenever you need them. Saigon Technology's helpful team also provides extras such as:

Advantages Partnering 0

The implementation of our pricing plan has enabled our clients to enhance their cost forecasting and resource allocation accuracy. The project's production witnessed a significant surge due to this development.

Advantages Partnering 1

Given the intricacy of our methodology, we can assure our clients a favorable return on investment (ROI) of 100%.

Advantages Partnering 2

The agile development methodology employed by the team facilitated prompt modifications, enabling the customer to swiftly enhance their technical proficiency.

Advantages Partnering 3

The utilization of a dedicated team for your project can expedite timelines, product development, and deployment.

Advantages Partnering 4

You may concentrate on growing your company without worrying about technical intricacies if you outsource your software development requirements to us. If implemented correctly, this has the potential to have a major influence on the organization's growth and financial success.

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